Jake: Through My Eyes Book One by Olivia Carter Wrap-Up

Jake: Through My Eyes Book One by Olivia Carter Wrap-Up

The Jake by Olivia Carter tour ends today, which means is time for a recap of the tour!

 First of all, here’s some information about this wonderful story:


Jake: Through My Eyes Book One by Olivia Carter

Jake_Fcover(1)Publication Date: April 29th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult

Freshman year is about to begin and Molly Parker couldn’t be more unprepared. Still recuperating from her father’s recent split, Molly entertains a fragile relationship with her mother while simultaneously attempting to define herself. Molly has only her best friends, Rae and Margret, guy-crazy teenagers who mean well, and the “hard-boiled” restaurant owner Cindy to confide in until she “accidentally” meets Jake. But as far as strangers go, Jake and Molly are the strangest. Together they unearth one secret that will change their lives forever


Post during the tour included  promos,  book excerpts, guest posts, and reviews. You can find those posts at:
Click on the blogs to see the posts.

Promotional Posts:
Zili in the SkY
My Two Cents
My Midnight Fantasies

Guest Posts:
Library Mosaic
Lena Sledge’s Blog


Book Excerpts:
Between Printed Pages
The World of BookishHues
Yesterday and Tomorrow’s Reads

Library Mosaic
Reese’s Reviews
Jany’s Book Blog
Unleashing Readers

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