Clementine by R. Jean Wilson Wrap-Up

Clementine by R. Jean Wilson Wrap-Up

The Clementine by R. Jean Wilson tour ends today, which means is time for a recap of the tour!

 First of all, here’s some information about this wonderful story:

Clementine by R. Jean Wilson


Publication Date: July 27th, 2013
Genre: New Adult / Romace

Addison Caldwell has her future laid out before her. She has good friends, applications in the mail for PA school, and sweaty yoga to take the edge off of her lack of love life. Just when she finds herself right where she wants to be, Addison stumbles on a familiar stranger standing before her at a coffee shop. He’s beautiful and brilliant. She’s immediately drawn to him and can’t put her finger on how she could possibly have met him before. She finds herself tumbling head first toward a man that she knows is in a league composed solely of him and a bevy of Victoria Secret Supermodels.


Post during the tour included  promos, guest posts, book excerpts and reviews.
Click on the blogs to see the posts.

Promotional Posts:
Zakirah’s Book Blog
Rose and Beps Blog 

Book Excerpts:
Paulette’s Papers
Kassie’s Book Thoughts
The Book Obsessed Momma
Nevaeh’s New Adult Book Blog

Guest Posts:
Dr, Pepper Diva
Deb’s Crazy Obsession


Library Mosaic
Give Me Books 
A Reading Nurse
Escape By Fiction


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