Blitz: The Guise Of A Gentleman by Donna Hatch

The Guise Of A Gentleman by Donna Hatch

Book cover TheGuiseofaGentleman_432 (1)

Publication Date: August, 2013
Genre: Historical Romance

The widowed Elise is a perfect English lady living within the confines of society for the sake of her impressionable young son. Her quiet world is shattered when she meets the impulsive and scandalous Jared Amesbury. His roguish charm awakens her yearning for freedom and adventure. But his irrepressible grin and sea-green eyes hide a secret. A gentleman by day, a pirate by night, Jared accepts one last assignment before he can be truly free. Elise gives him hope that he, too, can find love and belonging. His hopes are crushed when his best laid plans go awry and Elise is dragged into his world of violence and deceit. She may not survive the revelation of Jared’s past…or still love him when the truth is revealed.



About the Author:


My passion for writing began at age 8 and I’ve been hooked ever since. In between caring for six children, (7 counting my husband), my day job, my free lance editing and copy writing, and my many volunteer positions, I manage to carve out time to indulge in my  writing obsession. After all, it IS an obsession. My family is more patient and supportive than I deserve.

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I am organizing a one day blitz for the Historical Romance novel The Guise of a Gentleman by Donna Hatch. The blitz will take place on October 21st.
Posts during the blitz will consist of reviews, promotional posts, interviews, guest posts and book excerpts.

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