Saving Toby by Suzanne McKenna Tour Wrap-Up

Saving Toby by Suzanne McKenna Tour Wrap-Up

This tour ends today, which means is time for a recap.

First of all, here’s some information about the story:

Saving Toby by Suzanne McKenna Link

saving tobyPublication Date: August 26th, 2013
Genre: New Adult

Loving someone through their hard fall from grace takes a lot of grit.

Hired on as a caretaker to the ailing Mrs. Faye, Claudia Chiatmetti is drawn into the lives of the widow and her son — a world where sadness lingers and old wounds run deep. Empathetic to the family’s plight, Claudia is powerless against the emerging feelings she has for the unruly Toby Faye. Up close, Toby’s blue-grey eyes expose a need she cannot ignore. His dark past will test her fortitude and expose her to danger. Does Claudia have the grit to love Toby through it?

Saving Toby is a powerful and moving debut novel set on the south shore of Long Island. It is the first book of a two-part story that follows the emotional and inspirational tale of a young couple’s journey to find themselves.

Contains strong language and explicit scenes.


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