Tour Hosts

Sign up as a tour host!

If you’re interested in receiving notifications whenever new tours go up,  sign up as a  tour host!


Tour Host Requirements:

* You must have an active book blog

* Your blog should be at least 3 months old.

How Tours Work:

* When a tour is open for sign ups I’ll email the tour hosts and post all the information here at Irresistible Reads Tours.

* If you want to participate in a tour all you have to do is sign up and once the sign ups are closed I’ll send you an initial email with all the information you will need including the tour schedule.

* You will then receive another email a few days before the tour starts with specific tour material and information.


If you are reviewing a book and can’t post the review on the scheduled day or didn’t like the book and will rate it less than 3 stars please let me know and I’ll send you some promotional informational for you to post instead.


Fill in the form below to become a tour host:


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